About Me


I’m an Australian photographer from Sydney who has recently relocated to San Diego, California. My passion for taking pictures was supported locally in Sydney by the amazing beaches and world renowned architecture right in my back yard. I now get to experience a brand new city in San Diego and see what amazing photographic opportunities await in SoCal.

Photography speaks to me because it allows me to channel my creative energy while simultaneously creating a work of art. What began as a hobby in the early 90’s with my first film SLR camera has grown over the years into my passion. I am intrigued, challenged and excited by the process of photography and enjoy the balance of creativity and technological skill that is required for planning, taking and processing a photo.

My favourite style of photography is landscape, particularly sunrise and sunset shots. It’s very peaceful at the beach or in the mountains during these times and I am always excited to see what brilliant colors will present themselves over the horizon. The exciting part of photography is the crossover of different styles, you will notice in my People and Portrait portfolio that I incorporate landscape photography techniques into some of the photos.

Living Art Photography is a site I have just launched that will cater directly to selling my landscape prints in a variety of frames and styles. The shop should be live shortly and I can ship globally.

My work is currently for sale, for both private and commercial application. Please contact me for more information.

My Portfolio contains a small collection of some of my favourite images. Here you will find my People and Portraits, Fine Art Landscape, Music and Live Events and Sport portfolios. As I continue to expand my collection online I will categorise my images, making it easy to find a type of photo or location of interest.

My blog has additional images from overseas trips and assorted photographic adventures.