From time to time I am asked a variety of different questions, hopefully this page will provide some answers.

You have spelling mistakes on your site…

I am Australian. This site is mostly written in Australian English, although the longer I live in America I can see it becoming a bit of a mish-mash. I apologise/apologize in advance.

What brand of camera(s) do you use?


Do you ‘photoshop’ your photos?

It is standard practice for all digital files to be processed, a camera cannot match the dynamic range of the human eye so a bit of editing is required. For the most part I’m adjusting levels, curves, contrast, and some colour shifting to authenticate the image. These standard techniques have been going on since the days of processing film in a dark room, except now you won’t lose your balance from sniffing so many chemicals…you’ll have RSI instead.

Can you ship prints internationally?

Of course! The most cost effective option is for me to send you the print in a nice firm postage tube as framing is heavy and can be damaged quite easily. If you do want a framed image it will be shipped with a perspex sheet, instead of glass, as glass is easily broken in transit. For urgent requests, I can use a local printer in your country and have it express shipped.

Can I have access to or purchase your original RAW (digital high-res) file?

No, I do not release any of my high-res files. However, during my future workshops I will be selecting a small collection of RAW files that I will be giving away for you to practice with.

Do you have limited edition prints?

I will be releasing some of my favourite prints as limited editions (20 only!) in the 60″ x 40″ (approx 150cm x 100cm) resolution. These will be printed on metallic paper and acrylic face mounted as I believe this is the best way to display a photo with vibrant colour. The smaller versions of these prints will not be limited editions.

Can your photos be used for commercial purposes?

I am definitely open for my photos to be used for commercial application as long as the nature of your message resonates with me. Get in touch and I’m sure we can come to an arrangement.

Are your blog photos for sale?

Definitely! Contact me for further information.