Revolt Summer Surf Series 2014 Round III

The Revolt Summer Surf Series round III was on August 23rd down at Ocean Beach, California. The waves proved to be a little bit challenging but there was some ride-able  surf to keep the riders happy. Here’s a few shots that I took from the day.

Vince Boulanger is currently sitting in first place of the Pro/Am with a healthy 600-ish point lead thanks to some great scores in RSSS II and III. Only 85 points separates Maya Saulino and Avalon Johnson so the women’s competition is definitely on for a tight finish. The final round is at Crystal Pier on October 4, make sure you get down for what is going to be a huge event!

revolt-in-style-magazine-san-diego-surf-photography-ocean-beach-6202Icaro Rodrigues lifting off

revolt-in-style-magazine-san-diego-surf-photography-ocean-beach-6237Maya Saulino waiting for a set

revolt-in-style-magazine-san-diego-surf-photography-ocean-beach-6229I think this is Mike Tamburello, possibly Sean Bennett. This shot was taken on the split between two heats so can’t be sure.

revolt-in-style-magazine-san-diego-surf-photography-ocean-beach-6570Sophia Tiare showing everyone how it’s done in the women’s SUP final

revolt-in-style-magazine-san-diego-surf-photography-ocean-beach-6458Maya Saulino moments before the women’s final

revolt-in-style-magazine-san-diego-surf-photography-ocean-beach-6464Left: Sophia Tiare walking in for the women’s final.  Right: Paddling in to start the women’s final.

revolt-in-style-magazine-san-diego-surf-photography-ocean-beach-6321Vince Boulanger ripping back in

revolt-in-style-magazine-san-diego-surf-photography-ocean-beach-6442Hanging on the pier and fishing for junior SUPpers!

revolt-in-style-magazine-san-diego-surf-photography-ocean-beach-6574Dan Hughes taking the SUP final to new heights

revolt-in-style-magazine-san-diego-surf-photography-ocean-beach-6262Rory Reep in round 2 of the Pro/Am

revolt-in-style-magazine-san-diego-surf-photography-ocean-beach-6521Remy Juboori in the juniors final

revolt-in-style-magazine-san-diego-surf-photography-ocean-beach-6230Not everyone was interesting in the surfing…




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